Myrgan Wood


Feast 6:00pm

Main Zoom for Feast Meeting ID:
991 9976 9239
Meeting Passcode:

With all that is going on in the world, known and otherwise its important to make sure we keep both our mental and physical strength up. This is why getting together at an event has always been so vital and has kept all of us coming back time and time again. And this is why we are trying to keep that going with our virtual feast at this years Anniversary event.

Below you will find a menu for this years feast as well as an ingredient list and some recipes you can make. Or do your own, whatever makes you happy. At the event we will be having a zoom feast where we hope everyone will login to attend. We would like to see individuals, families or any safe bubbles that you may be a part of, taking part in the feast to hopefully give it as much of a community feel as possible.

So if you have a tripod or can eat one handed and a way to make yourself available during the feast time we would love to see you.

The Feast

Beef Stew with Bread

Leafy Salad

Sausage with Cabbage and Funge


Download Recipes