Myrgan Wood


Very Tiny Costume Contest

Hopefully people had fun with this.

The task was to design and dress a doll or stuffed animal. Find or borrow a doll or stuffed animal, and create a fun and period-ish outfit for that doll. Authenticity not necessarily a requirement. Fun should be.

The results of the contest will be up around 2:00pm today.

Baronial Brawl - Card Game

The Baronial Brawl card game is one of our own design. It is super simple, something like WAR with a twist. The rules are up and can be found below. It is a downloadable file you can print off and cut out your cards to play with. Match ups will have to be done in messenger or a video chat program of the participants choosing.

Winner and loser of each match emails me here and reports your win or loss. I will tally the results at the end of the day. Remember after two loses you are out. You can still play for fun but neither winner or loser of these games reports at the end. Last game should be done by 5pm ish.

Card Game Rules and Cards


There will be a Minecraft server up for the event. We will post connection information here on the morning of the event and it will stay up after the event ends. There will be build events and a scavenger hunt between 3 and 4 pm. To play you will need your own copy of Minecraft Java.

Throughout the day Build Competition
3:00pm - 4:00pm Scavenger Hunt

Login Info

Go to multiplayer in Minecraft and use this:
for the server address.