Myrgan Wood


Greetings and welcome to the Barony of Myrgan Woods Virtual Anniversary event. Its been a lot of hard work over the last couple months trying to bring us together virtually. It will never be the same as seeing all our friends shoulder to shoulder but hopefully by the end of today we can start to feel a little more connected.

Below you will find the Zoom login information for court and most social functions, it will be running all day, and under that the schedule for activities.

Main Zoom for Court,
feast, bardic and
Meeting ID:
991 9976 9239
Meeting Passcode:

11:00 AM Site Opens
11:00 AM Opening Court and Procession of the Lists
Open Social on Main Zoom Until Feast
1:00 PM How to Repair Arrows (Zoom Class)
2:00 PM Costume Contest Results
2:30 PM The New Avacal Fencing Rules (Zoom Class)
3 - 4 PM Scavenger Hunt (Minecraft Server)
6:00 PM Virtual Feast (Zoom)
7:30 PM Closing Court (Zoom)
Open Social on Main Zoom Until Bardic
9:00 PM Bardic (Zoom)
11:00 PM Event Officially Closes

For starters, check out the Arts and Science page to take a look at the entries for the Baronial Arts and Science Champion contest. There are also some some instructional videos on textile arts.

On the Games page you can download a card game. The results for the winner of the costuming contest will be posted there this afternoon.

And check out the feast tab to find a menu and ingredient list for the Anniversary feast. Check out some of the fine work our Kingdom craftspeople are making.

In the martial area we have some live classes on the new rapier rules, repairing arrows and a video about stick making by Duke Ivar.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day and is able to connect at some point with the members of our family that we have been apart from for so long.

Health and happiness to you all.